Prisma Global launches Snap2life


New Delhi, India, June 12, 2013: Image recognition along with Augmented Reality is a new paradigm for advertising globally. As, rightly stated by Bill Gates “whoever controls images, controls minds”. Through Image recognition along with Augmented Reality, any or every 2 dimensional image whether a picture or the whole page in a magazine, newspaper or any print media can be linked to a corresponding web link, digital content or a 3 dimensional output.
Snap2life – a breakthrough technology which creates a direct link between an image and the corresponding online content. This will prove to be a game changer as it is capable of connecting the printed communication to desired digital media, for delivering measurable engagement to consumers.
Its application in the automobile industry: The amalgamation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Image recognition (IR) allows the users to check the interiors and customize the colour of a car on phone. Basically get a full visual experience of the car even without visiting the showroom. This is an advancement of technology which provides the automobile industry with a creative means for connecting the real life showroom and the digital world. This technology enables imparting information to the customers in form of 3D images, about a product right from the comfort of their houses.
With the help of IR and AR technologies, the viewer is able to manually control a virtual image of the object using a smart phone. The consumer views a smart phone screen showing digital data controlled by the viewer’s manipulation of ‘markers’. The AR and IR technologies allow the viewer a more interactive experience, possibly leading to an improved retention of product information.
Its application in the construction industry: This technology constitutes a very promising new user interface concept for many applications and one such industry that will benefit tremendously from this is construction industry.Contractors and owners want to know what the project will look like before it is built. Imagine being able to actually step into your model virtually before the actual structure is built. Augmented reality is the next big technology that will help the construction industry go inside the design and visualize the building.


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