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Application inks two-dimensional images like a newspaper ad with digital content through mobile phone

Properties are a priced possession and most potential home-buyers spend months before zeroing on a property. Selecting the location, builder, finalising a budget, checking the sample flats are a few jobs to be done before one buys a house.

With increasing number of NRIs also buying properties in India, it may not always be possible for them to check the house or location before buying it. Prisma Global a global information technology solutions company which is into ‘Augmented Reality’ and ‘Image Recognition’ has developed an application which inks two-dimensional images like a newspaper advertisement with digital content through the mobile phone.

Shreeram Iyer is the Chairman and Group CEO of Prisma Global Limited says, “The application will actually give you the feel of stepping into your house virtually before the actual structure is built.”

This will help customers know what the project will look like before it is built. Sample this: If you are buying a house built by Developer ‘A’. Then in this case, if developer ‘A’ buys this application, then all its existing and potential home-buyers can get access and know status of his projects across India. He can also get links to his presentations and other project-related data on that application. This will help him take a more informed decision.

To get information about his projects, the customer will also have to download this application. While the builder has to spend a few Lakhs on developing this application, downloading tit is completely free for customers.

Along with the home-buyer, it also helps developers. After buying the application, the architect can help clients visually imagine how the finished products will stand. The ‘Augmented Reality’ technology combines GPS with architectural plans – allowing a precise image of how the building would lay on the site.

This can provide a lot of insight to developers. For example, “The program can tell you how close you are to underground pipes or utilities when preparing the construction,” adds Iyer of Prisma.

It also helps developers while creating a design and evaluating it and showing a customer what a new structure will look like in its final setting. In addition, the application can also help developers visualize potential redesigns (interior, exterior) to evaluate their compatibility with existing structures, and placement of new building structures.

Headline Look for your dream home online!

Publication – Business Standard

Edition – National

Date – 27th August, 2013


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