Exclusive interview of Mr. Sreeram Iyer talking about the document management being imperitive for SME’s

Exclusive interview of Mr. Sreeram Iyer talking about the document management being imperitive for SME’s

Document management, an area of considerable importance for businesses, is at a nascent stage in the country, with the advent of new and social media. There are a few companies working in this area, Snap2Life one among them.
A combination of IR (Image Recognition) and AR (Augmented Reality), Snap2Life is a technology platform wherein a mobile device can be used for clicking or scanning any picture to get the desired output though a dedicated software and search engine. “It is a breakthrough technology, which creates a direct link between an image and the corresponding online content. This will prove to be a game-changer, as it is capable of connecting the printed communication to the desired digital media, for delivering measurable engagement to consumers,” says Sreeram Iyer, Chairman and Group CEO, Prisma Global Limited, the firm behind Snap2Life, in an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

Document management is very important in many industries. What value can be added to it by using technology?

Document management has been an important aspect of businesses, and has, of late, started seeing technology adaption at various levels. Gryphos, a Prisma technology platform, has been a great invention from the document management perspective. The platform was 10 years old when the Frauhofer Institute, the most prestigious European institute for technology, had started the Snaptz Project of resurrecting 20-year-old torn letters by using image recognition technology, verifying and then archiving them. This was one of the complex solutions used by the government to archive important data. Innovative technologies have always been used to protect and achieve data, which are now used in the form of hand-helds.

How is the awareness level among businesses regarding content-related technologies?

The awareness level among our targeted industry segments is quite good, and they are looking at technology seriously. Some entrepreneurs also come up with their ideas and innovative means to utilise technology in their business environment uniquely.

What are the key challenges that you face?

The biggest hurdle we foresee is from non-technology-aspirant companies. Such entrepreneurs often have initial issues in understanding the relevance of technology, but once they understand it and begin to implement it, they become keen on using it.

What are the business opportunities you witness for your organization?

India is a dream market for most global companies, predominately because of the sheer size of the market and the level of acceptance in the technology arena. Due to these facts, augmented reality will be a good new-age technology that can revive the diminishing print media and give the branding and advertising industry a new tool to explore.

How can the automobile industry be benefited by these tools?

Technology is constantly adding new dimensions to the automobile industry, and has developed techniques to create life-like experiences without having a physical product in front of one. This allows users to check out the interiors and customize the colour of a car on their phones. They can get a full visual experience of a car even without visiting a showroom. This advancement of technology has provided the automobile industry with a creative means to connect real-life showrooms and the digital world. This technology enables imparting information about a product to the customers, in the form of 3D images, in the comfort of their houses.

How did you incorporate this company? How has your business journey been so far?

Prisma Global Limited is a closely-held public limited company. We are a leading information technology solutions company, catering to various sectors. We specialise in providing IT solutions to the Image Recognition, Augmented Reality, Healthcare and Business Intelligence sectors, to name a few. Our domain expertise, technical excellence, and unique culture help clients build tomorrow’s enterprise and have a dedicated Excellence Centre, predominantly catering to business intelligence.

Our journey so far has been incredible. We have almost our entire prospect range giving us additional utility and applications in their domain vertical or industry segment, which has given us loads of confidence about our market acceptability. We are on the verge of setting up offices in the US, Middle East and South Africa, and are processing partnership agreements in Australia. In India, we shall be setting up offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune for POS for our customers.


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