Amalgamating Print And Digital Media


Bill Gates once said “whoever controls images, controls minds”. Image recognition along with Augmented Reality is a new paradigm for advertising globally. Prisma Global, a company providing IT solutions, is set to change the advertising scenario in India with an application Snap2Life based on IR (image recognition) and AR (augmented reality). It is a technology where you use the mobile device for snapping or scanning an image to get desired output though our dedicated software and search engine.

Through image recognition along with augmented reality, any two-dimensional image whether a picture or the whole page in a magazine, newspaper or any print media can be linked to a corresponding web link, digital content or a three dimensional output.

Shreeram Iyer Chairman and Group CEO of Prisma Global, spoke to BW|Businessworld Online’s Poonam Kumar about Snap2Life and his future plan for setting up new offices Internationally.

How does snap2life work?
Snap2life is a product and service that amalgamates both print and digital media. It is one of the leading communication tools for various industries such as healthcare, advertising, marketing, branding, manufacturing, constructions to name a few, amid growing popularity of mobile Internet in urban India. Prisma Global with its 4G technology of ‘Image Recognition and Augmented Reality’ aims at highlighting the new wave in advertising and marketing space.

Please name a few companies using ‘snap2life’ technology
We have some the biggies in the industry using ‘snap2life’ in India and abroad. In Germany we have Streors, Coca-Cola, BMW, Mercedes, Otto, Ikea to name a few and Indian market started with DNA, Nirvana.

How much does it cost to use ‘snap2life’?
That’s not fixed. The cost varies and totally depends on the parameters and technology requirements.

How does Prisma work in different sectors?
Prisma has presence in various sectors and the way of working in each sector is different from each other. Prisma has a Vertical Centric Approach, we have dedicated resources and domain specialised professionals to cater to different segments.

How do you work with channel partners?
We have partnership with leading domain expert companies to cater to the market. Channel partners in Snap2life are media houses and for Medi-I-box, channel partners are the medical equipment distributors.

How does Prisma help SMEs acquire and implement high-end technology in a cost- effective manner?
We have segmented the utilisation of software in various parameters and segments to cater to SME and huge conglomerates

What is your strategy and growth plan for India?
We are initiating practices on KT (knowledge transfer) to clients and end-users via various strategies like live demo and social media and parallel to it, are also educating IR/AR knowledge to the end-owner, acquiring clients in the process.

What are your future plans? What is your projected revenue for the coming year on a half yearly basis?
We plan to expand ourselves across countries and grow. We plan to set up offices in US, UAE and Australia. We should cross approximately $2.5-3 million (Prisma Global Limted – India Operations) and approximately $8 million Prisma Global Limited – Global Operations by this year end.

What opportunities do you see in India? What is your structure in India?
Indian market has a huge potential with vertical and domain centric sales.

What is the total market size of this industry in India?
It’s a $27-billion market.


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